Thursday, 29 December 2011

I wounder

She curls her hands toward her heart.

Her words are often a work of art.

As I gaze into her eyes I think of magic and lullabies.

I wounder if she knew, or if she told a lie.

All I know is this, her words are bliss.

Dedicated to Mrs Green. 

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Finding Space

I need peace

To wait
To listen
To see what we have become

Let our thoughts be guided
Let our thought s be stead fast
History is our future
Our past is our present
Our present is our past

We walk, as we walk we see our hearts unfolding, our reactions busy with thoughts of all levels of us.

Around the corner, the decision has been made. Eyes narrow when certainty has prevailed.

Familiar places are romantic and harsh. Faces make them smile or frown depending on their circumstances.

To forget is a sad tale to be reminded is bliss. We are not alone.

Alone in our thoughts, walking through the streets and meadows, shops and social avenues listening and breathing not all is always what it seems.

The heroes are those who left behind a thought we still think today. 

Sunday, 4 September 2011


I need you to wait.
I am a bomb, I won't explode but I might.
I need your patience.
It is only you I long for.
Allow me to fight in your arms,
let me cry in your hands,
let me shout, scream panic, yern, rest in your body.
I need you to wait.
It is not your time.
I need you.
I am scared.
I am lost.
I am frightened.
You must be here to protect me, hold me, kiss me.
Your time will come but now I need you.

Friday, 2 September 2011

I love colours

spaces inbetween

Main Chair, screaming.
Sofa, ugly, uncomfortable.
Naked crawling figure toward window (lines)
Two bodies in bed.
Man holding, hanging corpse in each hand.

I am a beautiful stranger and I am gonna dream of, dream of you. 
Everybody I dream of, every star I see, every tear I cry I dream of you. 
It makes me close to you.
I can't  stand it, can't stand the pain of loosing...
I don't want you as my memory, take my pain. 
When we run together, it feels  sweeter then the flowers in my hair. 
Bring back my sweet memories, can you hear me, when we run together.
You make me feel so sweet.